At The House of Quimbanda we are dedicated to providing traditional Quimbanda services to the public. Quimbanda, like the other African Traditional Religions, partakes in spiritual practices calling upon the awesome powers of the spirit world to work magic to heal, harm, and steer the the course of destiny.

In Quimbanda material happiness and spirituality are not seen as opposing dualistic ideas, but complimenting halves of life. Our natural state is one of spiritual enlightenment, material prosperity, fulfilling love, and meaningful success. Any deviation from this is seen as an aberation that is to be corrected through spiritual and magical means.

Exu and Pomba Gira are sorcerous spirits whose power to carry out works of magick is unrivaled. They can be called upon to harm, heal, enflame lust/love, bring wealth and work all sorts of wonders. These powerful spirits teach us that there is no light without dark and dark without light and so in the mighty tradition of Quimbanda there are times when we must call upon the aggressive powers of Exu and Pomba Gira to work malefica and black magic either to protect or punish. At The House of Quimbanda we work both hands, left and right, to better the lives of our clients and members. We are, however, not assassins for hire, nor will work spells of destructions and retribution without just cause. However should Exu and Pomba Gira deem the course wise and just, we will unlease the wrath of hell against your enemies.

The overall aim of Quimbanda is to enrich the lives of its adherents and it is in that spirit that we offer services to those who seek out the wisdom of this cult of fire and night. We strive to better the lives of those who come to us and through guidance of our spirits work to restore harmony should life be in disharmony. In this light, Quimbanda, is a cult of healing–whether that requires the magical and spiritual equivalent of aggressive chemo and surgery, or a natural restoration of health.

At House of Quimbanda we offer the following services:

  • Consultas (consultations)Exu and Pomba Gira are wise teachers and powerful spirits of divination who can fortell the future, reveal what is hidden, and guide us on the crossroads of life. This service involves psychic divination and augury performed through Exu and Pomba Gira to answer the questions about your life’s path, answer specific questions, and reveal the spiritual influences in your life by uncoving the Exu and Pomba Gira that walk with you.
  • Macumba (spellcasting) – There are times in life when magic is need to acheive our desires and goals. When things are not headed on the right direction, magical and occult power can be applied to correct the path and manifest our desire and wishes. At The House of Quimbanda we offer spellcasting services for love, money, court case matters, protection, healing, cleansings and curse removals, for works of black magic, separations and break ups, success, blessing, and to sway the heart and mind of others.
  • Despacho/LimpezaThe House of Quimbanda offers traditional Afro-Brazilian despacho/limpeza cleansing services to remove curses, black magic, evil spirits, and open closed and blocked roads. Whether suffering from a spiritual curse or ailment, or facing road blocks in life, a despacho can turn around the situation by bringing bear the might of the deities of the crossroad, Exu and Pomba Gira to heal, cleanse, and open the roads to your success.
  • Espiritual Session (Spiritual Mediumship)Quimbanda is deeply tied to the power of the ancestors and at its core, gives comfort and solace to those who are lost. At The House of Quimbanda we offer mediumship services to help connected you with your ancestors (the bukulo) and will work ancestral healing to close the rifts and provide elevation and light (luz) to your blood and spiritual ancestors.
  • Setting Lights – As a fully functioning terreiro, The House of Quimbanda offers light setting services. This simple, but deeply effective and powerful service blesses and consecrates candles dedicated to bringing light, change, and power to your situation. Each candle is placed on our altars and is burned to bring blessings into your life and elevate your spirit.
  • Patua`/Macuto – Known by either name, these talismans and amulets are power houses of spiritual potency, magical might, and sorcerous power. Crafted from herbs, roots, minerals, and other curios they are consecreated by the power of Exu and Pomba Gira for a variety of purposes including, love, protection, to break and turn away the evil eye, and much more.
  • Licensa/Initiation – For those who have already had a consultation with us and are interested in progressing on the path of the Quimbandiero, the next step is gaining license to work within the Kingdoms of Quimbanda and eventual initiation which crowns you as a Tata/Yaya. At The House of Quimbanda we offer spiritual teaching and guidance to those destined to walk this path.